The Dynamic Fire Chief

Craig Haigh
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The Dynamic Fire Chief

By Craig Haigh

The Dynamic Fire Chief: Principles for Organizational Management seeks to bridge the gap between service delivery (management of street level operations) and the executive-level management needed by a five-bugle-wearing CEO. Whether you lead a paid or volunteer department, the management skills needed to lead a successful department are the same. 

Fire chiefs today are responsible for how emergency services are provided to the community as well as finances, human resources, legal issues, marketing, compliance, vision casting, and succession planning. Many fire service leaders fail to understand that financial management is the lifeblood of attaining the resources needed to allow effective fireground operations.

Most fire chiefs get to the top spot by being good firefighters and officers, but they are challenged because they were never actually trained to be an organizational CEO. The Dynamic Fire Chief serves as a “how to guide” to help fire chiefs navigate some of the more challenging topics of organizational leadership. Craig A. Haigh - the 2012 Illinois Career Fire Chief of the Year and recipient of the 2019 International Association of Fire Chiefs - Chief Alan Brunacini Executive Safety Award - shares his unvarnished stories of personal success and failure from his 30+ year career as a fire chief.


  • Money management
  • Strategic planning
  • Employee recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee discipline
  • Relationships with peers
“Chief Craig Haigh has put together what the fire service has needed for decades in The Dynamic Fire Chief: The tools needed to be successful as a fire chief, not just on the fireground or at any other emergency incident, but back in the firehouse where--to be honest--we spend most of our time.”
- Chief Rick Lasky
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  • 5
    Book Review

    Posted by Mike crews on Aug 11th 2022

    Text is an especially well-written reflection of Chief Haighs career in the fire service and serving as one of the premier Chiefs in Northern IL. This book would serve as a good starting point for a new Fire Chief to learn the many facets of the top position in the fire department and serve as a reference to reflect on periodically. A must read!

  • 5
    Public Safety Testing Services

    Posted by Amy Emerson on Jun 11th 2022

    "The Dynamic Fire Chief" is a great primer for those in the fire service who have higher (chief-level) aspirations for themselves. Like the mentor he is, Chief Haigh identifies the challenges and pitfalls that new chiefs will face, followed by common-sense solutions and plenty of stories to back it up! He also incorporates evidence-based knowledge and legal principles that will benefit every chief officer. I don't say this about many books, but this one is actually enjoyable to read!

  • 5
    The Dynamic Fire Chief

    Posted by Joe Heim on Apr 4th 2022

    Excellent book, a must have for any fire service leader!