Craig Haigh

Craig A. Haigh is a retired fire chief who has led volunteer, combination, and career fire departments. He served as a fire chief for more than 30 years leading departments in Illinois and North Carolina before retiring in July 2021.

He is the author of the new book, The Dynamic Fire Chief: Principles for Organizational Management (Fire Engineering). He has also served as an Interim Village Manager. He was named the 2012 Illinois Career Fire Chief of the Year and is the recipient of the 2019 International Association of Fire Chiefs - Chief Alan Brunacini Executive Safety Award.

He has published more than fifty trade journal articles on a variety of leadership topics. He is the Principal of Haigh Solutions LLC, a consulting firm focused on management and organizational leadership as well as firefighter health and safety. His consulting work frequently extends into the private business sector as well. 


He is a regular speaker and presenter sharing his experiences and insights with both emergency service and private sector leaders. He facilitates two “think tanks” (one fire service and one private business) and serves as a private business executive coach assisting and working to develop “team leadership” skills in up-and-coming leaders.