Life Support: Entertainment, Advice, and Encouragement for First Responders

Mike Rubin
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Life Support: Entertainment, Advice, and Encouragement for First Responders

By Mike Rubin

Mike Rubin’s conversational style and self-deprecating humor appeal to healthcare providers and patients, educators and students, employers, and employees. Whether you’re a rescuer or you aspire to be, you’ll find entertainment, advice, and encouragement in Life Support.



News and Views

  • Lights, Camera, Lunacy!
  • Deconstructing Heroism
  • Informed Dissent
  • Goodness and Light
  • Past Imperfect
  • ACLS 2018
  • PALS 2018
  • Showing Up
  • Talking Back
  • The 800-Hour EMT
  • Stuck in Reverse
  • The Godfather’s Rules for EMS
  • The Safety Dance
  • I Get You, Babe
  • Good Manners, Bad Outcome
  • Happy Pongal!
  • Medics with Guns
  • Candle Power
  • Sharing the Burden
  • The EMS Book Club
  • Critical Care
  • Coach Class
  • Certification Experimentation
  • A Substance Problem
  • Desk Duty
  • Duty to React
  • Partners
  • How Much?
  • Death after Life
  • How to Tell a Good War Story
  • Legacy in the Dust
  • Anal Medics
  • Culture Club
  • Performance Anxiety
  • From a Distance
  • Socialized Medicine
  • No Meat Loaf for Lucy
  • MD Envy
  • The Narcan Monologues
  • I Protest
  • Head of the Class
  • Respecting the Game
  • A Night at the Opry
  • Without Substance
  • The Little Picture
  • Helping Hands
  • The Most Interesting Medic in the World
  • On Fallibility
  • Selective Service
  • Critical Thinking
  • EMS.O.S.
  • A Cry for Help
  • Hard to Believe
  • Letting the Days Go By
  • Practicing Medicine
  • Partners in Rhyme
  • Men at Work
  • Untitled
  • A Loyal Subject
  • Pack Mentality
  • Strong Work
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • The Essence of EMS
  • Lost in Translation
  • Sox Education
  • Seeing Is Believing
  • This Is a Test
  • Out of Service
  • Life after EMS
  • Spirituality in EMS

In Case You’re Interested . . .

  • Early Patient Assessment
  • The Low-Maintenance Employee
  • On the Money
  • Keeping the Scene Serene
  • A Hire Priority
  • The Write Stuff
  • Self-Employment
  • Enough Stuff
  • Negotiating EMS
  • Surviving Paramedic School


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  • 5
    first responders.

    Posted by Joyce on Feb 3rd 2022

    This book gave short and very relevant stories and really helpful information to all types of first responders. I put it on our library shelf and it's been going out on loan.

  • 5
    Life Support

    Posted by Doug Baier on Jan 21st 2022

    It has been argued that medicine, and by extension paramedicine, is both an art and a science. Gregory Henry, M.D., President Emeritus of ACEP, once described emergency medicine as "the occasional application of a scientific principle to the meeting of human need." Seen from this perspective, Mike Rubin's excellent book delves into all aspects of prehospital care delivery.