Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations

Buddy Martinette
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Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations

By: Buddy Martinette

"Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations" by Buddy Martinette is a compelling book that guides leaders in building and leading organizations that excel in performance. With his transformative leadership approach, Martinette shares his firsthand experience of transforming the culture of the Wilmington Fire Department, shifting it from a rule-driven and authoritarian organization to one driven by core values, empowerment, and trust. 

Throughout the book, readers will discover the building blocks necessary to cultivate a high-performance leadership culture within their own organizations. Martinette emphasizes the crucial interplay between personal and organizational aspects of leadership, illustrating how they work together to create an environment conducive to high performance. The concepts presented in the book are applicable to leaders at all levels, recognizing that effective leadership extends beyond the chief or CEO. 

By providing a framework that aligns goals and actions, "Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations" enables leaders to drive their organizations toward exceptional performance. Readers will gain practical strategies, rooted in real-life experiences, that support the development of a high-performance organizational culture. 



“Chief Martinette’s leadership transformed the culture of the Wilmington (NC) Fire Department from a rule-driven, very authoritarian organization to one based on core values, empowerment, and trust. That cultural change is his legacy.”

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August 2023