Celebrating Our Authors' Lifetime Achievements at FDIC 2024

May 31st 2024

Celebrating Our Authors' Lifetime Achievements at FDIC 2024

At our FDIC International 2024 Author Dinner, we had the honor to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our authors. They have contributed invaluable knowledge to the firefighting community and also reached significant milestones in their book sales.

We are excited to announce the recipients of our Author Awards, recognizing their dedication and the impact of their work! If you see these exceptional individuals around, make sure to congratulate them and thank them for their outstanding contributions to the firefighting community.

Gold Award

Book: Human Performance for Tactical Athletes
Author: O2X Human Performance

Award: 10,000+ Copies Sold

Founded by former US Navy SEALs, O2X Human Performance trains firefighters, first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel to improve health and performance. Their EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology addresses injury rates, health risks, and stress management, providing tools for daily improvement and career longevity.

Silver Awards

Book: Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 5th Edition
Author: John Norman

Award: 5,000+ Copies Sold

With his fifth edition, Chief John Norman offers lessons learned during his extensive and time-honored career. Chief Norman imparts wisdom and experience by offering advice informed by actual outcomes from the fireground. This guide continues to be invaluable for firefighters aspiring to the officer level and those seeking to promote safety and effectiveness in their organization and the communities they serve by improving their own skills.

Sprinkles the Fire Dog
Author: Frank ViscusoPaul Combs

Award: 5,000+ Copies Sold

Sprinkles the Fire Dog is an inspirational story about a little puppy from a big city who dreams of one day becoming a fire dog. To achieve that dream, Sprinkles must overcome his physical limitations, the critical corner mutts, and his own self-doubt. This is a wonderful story about setting goals, putting in the work, and turning dreams into reality.

Bronze Awards

Book: Step Up and Lead
AuthorFrank Viscuso

Award: 2,500+ Copies Sold

In Step Up and Lead, Frank Viscuso—author, speaker, and career deputy chief—shares the secrets of effective fire service leadership, introduces the traits and skills essential for successful fire service leaders, and discusses the importance of customer service. Designed to help you reach the top of your profession, this book is considered a must-read for anyone who is ready to step up and lead!

Book: Pride & Ownership: A Firefighter's Love of the Job
Author: Rick Lasky

Award: 2,500+ Copies Sold

Pride and Ownership holds no punches. Chief Rick Lasky takes a hard look at the fire service and finds it short on the only element that makes it effective: passion. Chief Lasky gives an upfront and honest criticism about the need to reignite the love of the job on every level, from chiefs and on down.

We are incredibly proud of our authors and their accomplishments! Their work not only enriches the firefighting community but also serves as a valuable resource for continuous learning and growth.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable authors and their contributions to the field.