Fire Engineering's Study Guide for Firefighter I&II, 2019 Update - eBook

Anthony L. Avillo
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Fire Engineering's Study Guide for Firefighter I&II, 2019 Update - eBook 

By Chief Anthony Avillo and Lt. James Kirsch

Fire Engineering's Study Guide for Firefighter I & II 2019 provides the student with a comprehensive review of the material presented in each chapter of Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II.

The 2019 Study Guide's multiple-choice questions provide both direct knowledge and situational application of the material.

Students are encouraged to complete the 2019 Study Guide chapter-by-chapter, both before reading the Handbook as a pre-test and after reading the Handbook as an informational comprehension check.

Fire Engineering's Study Guide 2019 reinforces the information learned and enhances the effectiveness of the educational package.


• Multiple-choice, short-answer, and true-or-false questions for each chapter of the Handbook

• Answers at the end of each chapter

• Corresponding page numbers to each answer in the Handbook

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