The Right Seat: Classroom Session DVD

Dave Casey
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In The Right Seat: Officer Development Beyond the Textbook Classroom Session, Chief Dave Casey and Captain Chris Niebling brought their FDIC program “Right Seat Leadership” to Erie County, New York. The video expands on their scenario-based training for leadership curriculum with methods of learning, leadership, officer traits and much more. “Beyond the Textbook” supports all fire service curriculum and can be used in formal programs, station training or individually to prepare for the leadership role—or to improve leadership skills. This seminar is geared toward the current officer, or someone wanting to move up into that officer position. Learn the skills to do the job to the best of your ability.

As the company officer you are responsible for the safety, well-being and effectiveness of your crew. These types of interpersonal situations can be catalysts to either degrade or strengthen the company’s working relationship. Knowing how to navigate and address these various issues is a vital skill for any company officer.

by Dave Casey & Chris Niebling

DVD/Run time: 2 hr 48 min/2018