Stretching Long, Working Short DVD

Fire Engineering
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Engine work is an essential part of the fire service. Being able to effectively and efficiently
stretch, supply, and work a line is critical. In this live classroom presentation, Jonah
Smith walks you through the basic hoseline tenets. Smith looks at the various types of
stretches, hose loads, bundles, and estimates the lengths needed for each.
Jonah Smith grew up in Richmond, VA where his exposure to the fire service began in
the Church Hill area with some of the best firefighters in the city. Jonah attended the
University of South Carolina where he earned both a Bachelors and Masters and started
with the Columbia Fire Department in 2003. After a few years, Jonah pursued a career
with the Charlotte, NC Fire Department. He is currently the captain on Engine 20 on
the city’s south side. Additionally, since the day he received his certifications in 2003,
he has volunteered with departments including the Lexington County FD and Columbia
Fire Department. Currently, he serves as an Assistant Chief at the Pleasant Valley Fire
Department in South Carolina. Jonah is a 6-time FDIC instructor and has presented at
numerous conferences. He is married with 2 children.


ISBN10 1593704690/ DVD 2019/ 2 hours, 6 minutes