Man vs. Machine DVD

Mark Gregory
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Machine extrication occurs every day, often in dangerous and complicated situations. In Man vs. Machine, Mark Gregory, Randy Miller, and Mike Meyer effectively demonstrate the tools and techniques required to successfully extricate a victim from various types of machinery.

The topics addressed in this instructional video include:

  • Training levels outlined in NFPA 1670
  • Proper techniques to perform extrication
  • Tools needed and safety tips regarding the tools’ use
  • On-scene tasks, from setting up the incident command through company critiques
  • Specific scenarios that are commonly encountered
  • Patient care/lockout/tag-out

Man vs. Machine is an important resource for paid and volunteer, urban and suburban fire departments, industrial fire departments, and EMS providers.

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by Mark Gregory, Randy Miller and Mike Meyer

Run time: 56 Minutes/DVD/2015
ISBN10: 1-59370-328-7