Detroit Fire Department: New Beginnings DVD

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by David Fornell 

The Detroit Fire Department has a long history of innovative and forward-thinking approaches to issues facing the fire service. During trying times in the last decade, the service has overcome many challenges. In this live presentation, Deputy Fire Commissioner David Fornell walks us through many of those challenges and how Detroit rose up to meet them, creating a stronger and more robust system to serve the city and its citizens.

David Fornell is the Deputy Fire Commissioner for the City of Detroit, MI. Fornell has served as chief of the Westchester, Illinois Fire Department, a suburb of Chicago, as well as a company officer for Casstown Community Fire Department, Casstown, OH, and the Beckerle & Company, Hose Company, Engine #9 of the Danbury, Connecticut Fire Department. He is the author of Fire Stream Management Handbook published by Fire Engineering.



1 Hour 23 minutes