"Bread & Butter" Operations: Search and Rescue DVD

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In the Search and Rescue DVD, Chief Skip Coleman discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the many different search techniques that have been popular through the history of the fire service, and explains why oriented search is the new standard for fireground search for bread and butter structures. Chief Coleman explains the duties of the officer in charge of the search, when to search, where to search, and the importance of maintaining continuity of search. He then looks at a few common misconceptions of search.

The 2012 edition of the "Bread and Butter" Operations DVD Series expands on and illustrates many of the basic skills critical to successful fireground operations.

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by John "Skip" Coleman, Asst. Chief (Ret.), Toledo (OH) Fire Rescue

Run time: 28 Minutes/DVD/2012
ISBN10 1-59370-274-4