High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges

Jack Murphy
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High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges

By Jerry Tracy, Jack J. Murphy and James J. Murtagh

Learn how to manage and respond to all-hazards events within the high-rise environment with High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges 

Tracy, Murphy, and Murtagh dive into what cognitive command is and how it played a role in many high-rise fire cases. 

High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges is a must-get guide for any fire professional, building owner, the building construction community, system engineers, property managers and future students of high-rise buildings. 

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  • 5
    High Rise

    Posted by Todd Haines, Vice President and Fire and Life Safety Manager at JPMorgan Chase on Jun 28th 2023

    Just got the book today. So excited to dive into it. A lot of work was put in by you all and now will be considered the “Bible” for high-rise fire and life safety. Thank you so much for the opportunity to contribute means so much.

  • 5
    High Rise

    Posted by John Esposito, FDNY Chief of Operations on Jun 28th 2023

    More like an encyclopedia really. You guys did some research and have written quite the resource.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul Grimwood, Kent Fire & Rescue Service (UK) - Principal Fire Engineer: MBE, PhD, FIFireE; Technic on Jun 20th 2023

    Any book that offers over 700 pages of such important information for fire officers and fire protection personnel, just has to be considered a "bible" of knowledge. I have to say this newly published book is high value for the cost, and should serve in any library or office of those whose role is linked in any way to high-rise fire protection, intervention or prevention. The authors Jerry Tracy, Jack J. Murphy and James .J Murtagh, who are all highly experienced retired senior Chief Fire Officers, take us on a route through the vertical challenges in tall buildings. Wherever you are based, the history of code developments and firefighting tactics will offer meaning and develop your level of understanding of the key principles involved in protecting such buildings. It's great to see this paragraph 9.9.2 within - "it will be reiterated and emphasized throughout this book that stairwells must be protected. Every effort must be made to maintain them free of smoke since they are considered a vital refuge and evacuation resource for the occupants. There will be instances and conditions in which a decision to shelter in place is not an option, and stairwells will be vital in the evacuation mode chosen by the IC".

  • 5

    Posted by Ron Kanterman on Jun 7th 2023

    Tracy, Murphy and Murtagh captured the very essence of what the vertical challenges really are. Moreover, the book is well written to the point that it doesn't read like a text but more like a story. While it presents at a higher level, it's understandable at its very core. Highly recommended for any fire service personnel with the high-rise fire or emergency challenges and for high rise building managers and senior staff.

  • 5
    High Rise Buildings

    Posted by Brett Brooks, Captain, Toronto Fire Services on Jun 6th 2023

    High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges is a must read. The authors have connected the dots for firefighters worldwide in understanding these vertical challenges we face.