Fire Engineering Radio: The Future Firefighter Podcast

The Future Firefighter Podcast discusses the importance of implementing a plan and the process of becoming a firefighter through mentorship by engaging the future members of the fire service in a positive way. This podcast discusses the importance of planning for success mentally, emotionally, and physically.


   21. Surviving the Fire Service: Assistant Chief (Ret.) Todd LeDuc


Join host Chris Baker with guest Assistant Chief (Ret.) Todd LeDuc, as they discuss his new book titled Surviving the Fire Service, published by Fire Engineering Books & Videos. This episode will focus on how the future firefighter can manage and reduce risks throughout their careers in the fire service.


20. Planning your Mental Health with Mark Lamplugh


Joining Host Chris Baker is President of the Institute of Responder Wellness, Mark Lamplugh, as they discuss planning your mental health. The future firefighter must be ready to plan their mental health and wellness on the testing circuit, given the unprecedented unemployment rate combined with devastating firefighter layoffs.


19. NFHC President/CEO, Fire Chief (Ret). Bill Killen: Fire Service History


Join host Chris Baker as he discusses the history of the fire service with Fire Chief Bill

Killen (ret.) President/CEO of the National Fire Heritage Centerand why it's important to learn about the history of the fire service. This episode is dedicated to the men and women that built the American Fire Service.


18. How to Become a Firefighter for the Los Angeles City Fire Department for-the-los-angeles-city-fire-department


"The Future Firefighter" Host Chris Baker talks LAFD recruitmentwith City of Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Rick Najera.


17. Lead Where You Are


Host Chris Baker talks to guests Rayne Gray, Marc Davidson, and Nick Baskerville about leadership and why it's important to lead where you are!


16. Firehouse Kitchen Table


Host Chris Baker joins guests from the Firehouse Kitchen Table as they discuss how to learn from each other.


15. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin


Host Chris Baker discusses Rube's Rules for the Future Firefighter with his guest and mentor Fire Chief Dennis Rubin.


14. Dr. Rich Gasaway


Host Chris Baker talks with guest Dr. Richard Gasawayabout situational awareness for the future firefighter.


13. Rescue Captain Justin Schorr


Host Chris Baker discusses why it's important to become a Paramedic with The Happy Medic, Rescue Captain Justin Schorr.



Live from FDIC International 2019: Day Four Hours 3-5

Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, Firefighter Close Calls - Home of the Secret List


11. Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso


Host Chris Baker discusses mentoring in the fire service with Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso.


10. Training Chief Dave McGlynn


Host Chris Baker discusses networking opportunities for the future firefighter with Training Chief Dave McGlynn.


9. Regional Fire Chief Christopher Connelly


Host Chris Baker discusses career opportunities in the Federal Fire Service as a Department of Defense Firefighter with Regional Fire Chief Christopher Connelly.


8. Fire Chief Reggie Freeman


Host Chris Baker discusses the topic of community service with Fire Chief Reggie Freeman.


7. 9/11 Memorial Episode


Host Chris Baker discusses the significance of this impactful day in the history of the fire service. Tune in and listen to this episode as he shares how this day ultimately contributed to his involvement in this honorable profession.


6. Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski


Host Chris Baker discusses the entry-level firefighter interview process with guest and mentor Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski.



Host Chris Baker talks with special guest San Francisco (CA) Assistant Chief Nicol Juratovac about mentoring tips for the future female firefighter. This show will discuss the future female firefighter highlighting the importance of having a mentor to help you overcome both mental and physical obstacles to achieve this highly desired position in the fire service. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this Fire Engineering blog talk radio show are not the views of the San Francisco Fire Department.


4. Firefighter Functional Fitness: Chief Dan Kerrigan & Captain Jim Moss


Join Host Chris Baker and his guests, Chief Dan Kerrigan and Captain Jim Moss from Firefighter Functional Fitnessas they discuss the culture of physical fitness in the fire service and what it takes to become a future firefighter. Our discussion will range from pre-academy fitness assessments in the application process, to the importance of maintaining a fitness lifestyle beyond the fire academy and throughout your career.


3. Live from FDIC 2018: Dr. Harry R. Carter


The Value of Education in the Fire Service.


2. Building the Unbreakable Future Firefighter


Host Chris Baker discusses mentoring and other issues affecting the next generation of firefighters.



In this debut show, Chris Baker talks about fire service mentorship and engaging the future members of our profession in a positive way.


This show will discuss the importance of implementing a plan and the process of becoming a firefighter. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the fire service; tune in and listen as we discuss the importance of planning for success mentally, emotionally, and physically.