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Acknowledgment and Appreciation                                                                               

Opening Thoughts                                                                                                                

Personal Survival: You and I Are Not Where or Who We Were Back Then          

The Issue of Volunteer Turnout and Response in 2020                                           

Dena Ali

Transforming Imperfection and Building Grit                                                             

Steve Austin

If We Lose Our History, We Lose Everything                                                               

Frank Babinec

Leave It Better Than You Found It                                                                                   

Charles Bailey

Thirty Years of Transformation                                                                                        

Seth Barker

Do the Right Thing                                                                                                                

Donna Black

Putting Water on the Fire: Managing Expectations and Acknowledging 

Keith Bryant

What’s Most Important?                                                                                                    

Eddie Buchanan

The Courage to Change                                                                                                      

Harry Carter

Faith or Failure: It’s Your Call                                                                                            

Steve Chikerotis

Trust Your Gut Instinct                                                                                                        

Michael Ciampo

Tactical Tips in Truck Work                                                                                                

Melanie Clark

Widow to Wounded Warrior                                                                                            

Paul Combs

Gratitude Is Not a Four-Letter Word!                                                                            

Denny Compton

It’s Simple: If You Accept the Rank, Perform the Role                                             

Dan DeGryse


Joe DiBernardo

“Chief D”—Fifty Years of No-Nonsense Leadership                                                  

Chuck Downey

Cool, Calm, and Collected—FDNY Mental Performance Initiative                       

Joseph Downey

Only the Faces Have Changed                                                                                          

Michael Dugan

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday                                                                                                 

Brian Fennessy

Mission-Driven Culture                                                                                                       

Reggie Freeman

The Power of Influence vs. the Power of the Position                                             

Brian Geraci

Our Most Important Service                                                                                             

Brian Goldfeder

He Passed “It” On to Me                                                                                                    

Bob Grabowski

The Loss of a Young Firefighter That Left a Legacy of Learning                            

Gordon Graham

If It Were Your Daughter                                                                                                    

Tiffany Green

Ultimately What We Are Here to Do Is Serve!                                                            

Bobby Halton

The Best Damn Job We’ve Ever Had                                                                              

Michael Hamrock

A Spirit of Gratitude and Better Self-Care for the Job                                              

Aaron Harris

Professionally Staffed by Volunteers                                                                             

Jodie Hettrick

Trust in Your Potential                                                                                                        

Charles Hood

Love and Forgiveness                                                                                                          

Rudy Horist

Pass It On                                                                                                                                 

Otto Huber

What Not to Pass On                                                                                                           

Sara Jahnke

Adding Grandpa Days                                                                                                          

Tom Jenkins

Beyond the Certificates                                                                                                      

John A. “Jay” Jonas

Are You Ready for Fire Duty?                                                                                            

Nicol Juratovac

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Which One Are You?                                         

Kara Kalkbrenner

The Culture of the Fire Service Must Change                                                              

Rick Kane

Six Important Lessons                                                                                                         

Anthony Kastros

Firehouse Etiquette                                                                                                              

Scott Kerwood

I Have No Ambition in This World but One                                                                  

Rick Lasky

Those Who Get It and Those Who Don’t                                                                      

Jimmy Lee

You Have the Best Job in the World. Don’t Blow It.                                                  

Frank Leeb

Staying Learnable                                                                                                                  

Mike Lombardo

Search—Random Thoughts                                                                                               

Gary Ludwig

Leadership Is Not Being a Hammer                                                                                

Dan Madrzykowski

Your Team Is Counting on You                                                                                         

Ray Maguire

Let’s Get Battle Ready                                                                                                         

Ricky Mantey

The Importance of Family                                                                                                  

Troy Markel

It’s All About Relationships                                                                                                

Rick Markley

How Giving Back to the Fire Service Is Good for You                                                

Ray McCormack

An Honest Appraisal                                                                                                            

Mike McEvoy

From an EMS Guy                                                                                                                 

Jenny Minter

Share in the Pride                                                                                                                 

Lori Moore-Merrell

Servant Leaders Are Exceptional Leaders                                                                     

Jack Murphy

Art of Building Intelligence and Battle Plans                                                               

James Murtagh

Mentoring—the Mentee—the Mentor                                                                         

P.J. Norwood

The Power of Asking Why                                                                                                  

Denis Onieal

How to Advance in Your Career                                                                                       

Mollie and Steve Pegram

The Four Fs                                                                                                                              

David Polikoff

Do They Think You’re a Good Leader?                                                                          

Bob Pressler

What I’ve Learned So Far                                                                                                   

Jan Rader

Making Positive Change                                                                                                     

Forest Reeder

Even Better, Faster, Safer, and Smarter                                                                        

David Rhodes

Surviving Bad Leadership                                                                                                   

Frank Ricci

Moving Toward the Threat—Hunting Peacocks                                                         

Tommy Richardson

Leadership and Command Philosophy                                                                          

Erich Roden

Your Shirt Always Looks White                                                                                         

Joanne Rund

Safety: A Key Player in Everything You Do!                                                                  

John Salka

Every Firefighter Should . . .                                                                                              

Russ Sanders

The Company Commander: The Most Important Position in the Fire 

Chase Sargent

Job, Life, Career, and Other Stuff                                                                                    

Danny Sheridan

Support for Rules and Issues                                                                                             

Bill Shouldis

Connecting with the Community: Strategy at the Eastern America
Warehouse Incident                                                                                                            

Ron Siarnicki

Where Do You Stand?                                                                                                         

Bryan Spies

The Coveted Right Front Seat: What If I Told You Running Calls
Is the Easy Part?                                                                                                                    

Jack Sullivan

How a Firefighter Line-of-Duty Death Changed My Life,
and Maybe Saved Yours                                                                                                     

Rich Thode

My Own Random Thoughts                                                                                               

John Tippett

It’s a Privilege to Serve                                                                                                        

Jerry Tracy

Brain Constipation, Better Known as Cognitive Dissonance                                  

Nate Trauernicht

An Uncommon Path                                                                                                             

Tony Tricarico

Setting the Tone: As Goes the Captain, So Goes the Company                            

Mike Uttaro

Effecting Change: Quit Talking and Begin Doing                                                        

Frank Viscuso

Leadership 101                                                                                                                      

James Wessel

Letter to a Firefighter                                                                                                          

Lee Whitehurst

How to Survive Career Suicide                                                                                         

Mike Wieder

This Is What We Are All About                                                                                         

Mike Wilbur

We Are Making Progress                                                                                                    

Trisha Wolford

All Grit, No Salt