The Official Book of Andy

Andrew A. Fredericks
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The Official Book of Andy

By: Andrew A. Fredericks

The Official Book of Andy is a compilation of the writings of the late Lieutenant Andrew A. Fredericks that appeared in print in Fire Engineering and online for Fire Nuggets. Fredericks was a member of Fire Department of New York Squad Company 18 in Manhattan and was killed on 9/11. He was a pioneer and a noted expert in fire suppression methods. This book is a tribute to his work, gathering his expertise on hoselines, standpipe operations, and all the facets of fire attack. 




Table of Contents


Introduction: Remembering Andy 

I. Fire Engineering 

Fighting Fire with Water: Return of the Solid Stream 
  • Principles of Direct Extinguishment 
  • Critical Factors 
  • Solid Streams versus Straight Streams 
  • Misconceptions about Solid Streams 
  • Standpipe Firefighting Operations 
  • The Proof Is in the Performance 
Standpipe System Operations: Engine Company Basics 
  • Types of Standpipe Systems 
  • Locations of Standpipe Systems 
  • Supplying Standpipe Systems 
  • Common Siamese Connection Problems 
  • Logistics 
  • The Standpipe Kit 
  • Operating from Standpipe Systems 
  • Selecting Hose and Nozzle 
Tactical Use of Fire Hydrants 
  • Hydrant Reliability 
  • Inspection and Maintenance 
  • Vandalism and Unauthorized Use 
  • Utilizing Hydrants—Single Engine Company 
  • Utilizing Hydrants—Two Engine Companies 
  • Positioning at Hydrants 
  • The Two Minutes of Terror 
  • “Start Water” 
  • 4The 2½-Inch Handline 
  • Limitations of 1¾-Inch Hose 
  • The Two-Five Syndrome 
  • Impact of Reduced Staffing 
  • “Slippery Water” 
  • Advantages of 2½-Inch Hose 
  • Tactical Considerations 
  • Handling 2½-Inch Hose 
  • Big Fire, Big Water 
  • 5Stretching and Advancing Handlines, Part 1 
  • Indisputable Truths 
  • Basic Rules of Stretching Hose 
  • Estimating the Stretch 
  • Hose Stretch Variations 
  • When Preconnected Lines Fall Short 
  • Stretching the Handline 
  • Modern Apparatus Design 
  • Other Considerations 
  • Preparing for the Advance 
  • 6Stretching and Advancing Handlines, Part 2 
  • The Nozzle Team 
  • The Engine Company Officer 
  • The Nozzle Firefighter 
  • The Backup Firefighter 
  • The Door Firefighter 
  • Final Preparations 
  • Dangers of Kinks 
  • Additional Considerations 
  • A Lifesaving Tool 
  • 7Observations on the Engine Company 
  • Vertical versus Horizontal Stretch 
  • Haste, Aggressiveness, Discipline 
  • Apparatus Design 
  • The “Myth” of the Unburned Side 
  • Stretching Handlines Revisited 
  • Odds and Ends 
  • Back to Basics 
  • 8Standpipe System Operations: The Standpipe Kit 
  • The Handline Standpipe Kit 
  • The Chauffeur Standpipe Kit 
  • Supply via a Lower-Floor Outlet 
  • Causes of Pressure Problems 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Chauffeur Safety 
  • Expect the Unexpected 
  • 9Long Handlines and Hose Headers 
  • H-Type Apartment Building Fire 
  • Lessons Learned 
  • Augmenting Sprinkler Systems 
  • 10Engine Company Support of RIT/FAST Operations 
  • Engine Companies Save Lives 
  • From “Fat” Engines to “Fast” Trucks 
  • The Rapid Intervention Engine Company 
  • Training an Effective RICE 
  • Tools and Equipment 
  • Nozzle Selection 
  • Fireground Operations 
  • Make a RICE Policy 
  • 11Y2K: Are You Prepared for Hidden Hazards? 
  • Preplanning Is Key 
  • Tips for Operational Safety 
  • 12Little Drops of Water: 50 Years Later, Part 1 
  • Fog Nozzle History 
  • Little Drops of Water 
  • The National Exploratory Committee 
  • The Combination Attack 
  • Misapplication and Confusion 
  • Water Fog and Life Safety 
  • Layman before Fog 
  • The Debate Continues 
  • 13Little Drops of Water: 50 Years Later, Part 2 
  • The Modern Environment 
  • Black Fire 
  • Compartment Fires 
  • Fuel Materials 
  • Energy-Efficient Windows 
  • Firefighting Actions 
  • Fog, Fans, and Foam 
  • Little Drops Again 
  • Interior Direct Attack 
  • 14Improving the Quality of Your Solid Streams 
  • Freeman Experiments 
  • Factors 
  • Testing 
  • Results 
  • Handline Nozzles 
  • Nozzle Reaction 
  • 15Considerations for the Effective Use of Deck Guns 
  • Deck Pipes and Deck Guns 
  • Safety Concerns 
  • Operational Problems 
  • Chicago’s Long Deck Gun 
  • Exposure Protection 
  • Offensive Attack 
  • Shift in Strategy 
  • Tips and Suggestions 

II. FireNuggets 

  • 16Handline Selection 
  • 17Handline Placement 
  • 18Estimating the Stretch 
  • 19Stream Selection 
  • 20Advancing the First Handline, Part 1 
  • 21Advancing the First Handline, Part 2 
  • 22Advancing the First Handline, Part 3 
  • 23Advancing the First Handline, Part 4 
  • 24Why Fires Are More Dangerous Today 
  • 25Father’s Day 


Number of Pages:
Published Date:
March 2024


  • 5
    Official Book of Andy

    Posted by Steve Kalman on May 9th 2024

    Long time coming....All of his articles, many of them groundbreaking and trendsetting, in one organized collection....very nicely done

  • 5
    The Official Book of Andy

    Posted by Chris Barney on May 9th 2024

    A fundamental book in the fire service! It should be required reading at all levels, especially new members learning the hows and whys of what we do.

  • 5
    Andy Fredericks Book

    Posted by Matthew H on May 4th 2024

    Had been waiting a long time for this book, it certainly did not disappoint! I recommend this book to anyone in the fire service!