Mastering Fireground Command: Calm the Chaos!

Anthony Kastros
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Mastering Fireground Command: Calm the Chaos!

By: Anthony Kastros and Brian Brush

Anthony Kastros and Brian Brush’s Mastering Fireground Command: Calm the Chaos! is an unprecedented text with more than 1,000 years of combined experience in command case studies by incident commanders from coast to coast.  

 This book will empower you with the skills to: 

 Improve communications, risk assessment, and accountability with less radio traffic.  

  • Develop an aggressive team to save more civilian lives while keeping firefighters from unnecessary risk.  

  • Bridge the tactical gap between the incident commander and crews working at the front.  

  • Apply military models of decentralization and empowerment to outpace the incident, regardless of type.  

  • Integrate the latest data from the Firefighter Rescue Survey and UL FSRI to maximize effectiveness.  

  • Rapidly organize tactics and resources for house fires, apartment fires, hotels, motels, commercial buildings, taxpayers, big boxes, strip malls, row houses, high-rises, Maydays, vegetation fires, wildland urban interface, multi-casualty incidents, hazardous materials incidents, and even unified command incidents. 

Mastering Fireground Command meets the FESHE curriculum for the Strategies and Tactics and Disaster Planning and Control courses, connects to job performance requirements (JPRs) of NFPA 1021 for Fire Officers I–IV, and is consistent with the most current NFPA, NIMS, and FIRESCOPE standards and expectations. 




Table of contents

Foreword by John Norman 




  • Chapter 1 History of Command 
  • Chapter 2 Command Philosophy and Mindset for Modern Incidents  

Section I: Fundamentals of Incident Command 

  • Chapter 3 Incident Command Professional Qualifications, Development, 
  • and Standards 
  • Chapter 4 Anatomy and Physiology of an Incident 
  • Chapter 5 Size-Up, Risk/Gain Management, and Communications 
  • Chapter 6 Aggressive Command and Tactics for Life 
  • Chapter 7 Incident Planning and Organizing 

Section II: Commanding Structure Fires 

  • Chapter 8 Single-Family Dwellings 
  • Chapter 9 Multi-Family Dwellings, Hotel, and Motel Fires 
  • Chapter 10 Commercial Fires 
  • Chapter 11 High-Rise Fires 
  • Chapter 12 Rapid Intervention and Maydays 

Section III: Commanding All-Risk Incidents 

  • Chapter 13 Vegetation Fires  
  • Chapter 14 Hazardous Materials Incidents 
  • Chapter 15 Multi-Casualty Incidents 
  • Chapter 16 Unified Command 

Section IV: Appendixes 

  • Appendix A: Los Angeles City Fire Department Informational Summary—Green Sheet  
  • Appendix B: Tactical Review Guides 
  • Appendix C: Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Model Curriculum: Strategy and Tactics (CO279) 
  • Appendix D: NFPA 1021: Fire Officer Professional Qualifications for Emergency Services Delivery and Emergency Management  
  • Appendix E: Quick Action Plans—Leveraging High-Rise Building Intelligence for Incident Commanders 
  • Appendix F: Report Writing 


Review Questions Key 


About the Authors

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March 2024


  • 5
    Well written in both function and form…

    Posted by James Greenwood on Apr 25th 2024

    Chiefs Kastros and Brush deliver in text with what they’ve already been doing in classrooms, conventions, articles, and podcasts for years. “Mastering Fireground Command - Calm the Chaos” is an easy to read textbook which delivers information in both academic and narrative styles which outline paths to success when being in Command of fires and numerous other emergencies. This book will certainly end up in the rarefied air of Chief Dunn’s contributions to the subject of Command and Control, but unlike older texts that maybe had to be translated to smaller departments with less staffing, this text allows for any IC working in any size/staffed department to lay a good foundation in ICS principles and how to implement them effectively on various incidents. Well done!