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Kate Dernocoeur is working on a new book with Laura McGladrey. Details to come! She is in the field as a medical examiner investigator (MEI), aka medical death investigator (MDI). She is maintaining that W-EMT certification, just in case!

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Katherine Koch is working on increasing visibility of the issues of disability in the prehospital setting. She is teaching classes at EMS Today in August 2021 on Intellectual Disabilities and Their Impact on Assessment in the Prehospital Setting as well as EMS World in October 2021 on A Prehospital Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Frank Ricci is retired from the New Haven Fire Department as a battalion chief. He is currently a fellow at a think tank working on public policy and management strategies. His monthly Fire Engineering hangout is the most viewed show on the platform covering politics and tactics. Ricci is teaching a workshop at FDIC called Tactical Leadership: How to Build Your Command Presence and Build Your Influence.

Ricci is working on a proposal for a book to address the underserved topic of building influence and management strategies for officers and managers.

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